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Okar Research...Notes on Sacred Warriorship (May 2017)


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Mahatma Gandhi........Gandhi's vision of an independent India based on religious pluralism.

Religious & Holy Wars of Various Traditions.......If ordered to march: tramp, tramp or shoot: bang, bang. This is the manifestation of the highest wisdom of enlightenment. The unity of Zen and war.

The Red Mosque and Radical Islam......The struggle between militant Islamist forces and secular forces are seen to play out in the educational system.

The Moslem Conquest of Shambhala (870 AD)......870 A.D. marks the first time that the Kingdom of Shambhala actually came under Moslem domination.

Emperor Asoka: Non-Violent Ahimsa (256 BC)......Unlike Alexander at Tyre and Genghis Khan at Balkh, Ashoka experienced tremendous revulsion and an abhorrence of any killing and suffering, human or animal, and never again waged war.

Christian Holy War (Latin: Bellum Sacrum)......During the time of the Crusades, those who fought in the name of God were recognized as the Milites Christi, soldiers or knights of Christ.

The Dralas of Tirich Mir ... Mt Suryaprakasa......Suryaprakasa means the mountain of the " dawning of the sun" or " Mt. Sunrise."

Fravashi & Persian Drala.......In the Persian mythology, once a king possesses the divine xwarrah, he is invincible.

Shinto: Shin Tao, Way of the Gods, Kami, Drala......The Shambhala kingdom should have lots of spiritual disciplines in it. That’s why we are here.

Invoking Elemental Drala & Sacred Ground.......The attitude of sacredness toward your environment will bring drala.

...Honji Suijaku...Dralas & Kami..Honchi Suijaku (本地垂迹?) in Japanese religious terminology in which Indian Buddhist deities choose to appear in Japan as native kami in order to more easily convert and save the Japanese.

The Kalachakra Tantra: Defeating Enemies in War......As for enemies to be defeated in war, if it happens that a ruler's warriors remain in their own fortress.

Sacred Warrior ... Terms A-Z........There is a basic human wisdom that can help solve the world’s problems.

When Gerald Red Elk Met Chögyam Trungpa.......Gerald Red Elk, a Lakota Sioux shaman, met Trungpa Rinpoche at Rocky Mountain Dharma Center, during the Magyal Pomra Encampment in July 1984.

The Sacred Warrior.......The sacred warrior conquers the world not through violence or aggression, but through gentleness, courage, and self-knowledge.

Updated May 2017.....Northern New Mexico


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