Friday, November 15, 2013

Okar Research Index...May 2017


Okar Research is an informal review of published materials exploring the history, myths, legends, languages, geography, terms, teachers and teachings of the ancient Central Asian 'Kingdom of Shambhala'

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  1. Uddyana may not have a single lake - kashmir does. Both areas ethnoliguistically the same (google search Pisaca Adimajati)- but both are not udyana. obviously the tale is mixed up and most likely goes as follows. Early CE Kashmir takes rule of nearby Uttara Kamboja (name in Hindu literature.) - the region though ethnically the same as Kashmir has been ruled for +1000 by the Kamboja = pre islamic Pashtun. A Kashmir prince is assigned to rule the new territory which is named "udyana". And all of this is being narrated in retrospect as if udyana included kashmir.
    Odisha has same names as likely inspired by the one in the North West (spead of tantric buddhism to orisha) but with no further connection

    1. periods 1-3 on map